Shake, Rattle, and Roll!!

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We had a mild earthquake, 6.4, a couple of days ago. This actually was stronger than usual. Earthquakes, no matter how small, always send my heart racing. ( I was in the Alaska earthquake in the early ’60s.) Whenever we have a “tremor”, it reminds me of my first week on island. There we were, living in a Quonset hut. A typhoon was hitting the island. An earthquake hit as well. And to top things off, there was a murder of a babysitter on Kadena. Police dogs tracked the suspect through the empty hut next to ours. All I could remember thinking was, “what kind of place have you brought us to Dad!” Luckily, tremors are rare and murders even rarer. Typhoons are just a part of the yearly cycle and usually not that bad, at least not anything like Typhoon Pamela (May, 1976) which totally demolished Guam. And you guessed it, I was there!!!

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