D.U.B. Da Udda Band

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Recently, Taki and I had the pleasure of hearing a visiting band from Guam, the D.U.B. Da Udda Band. It seems the tropical cyclone system had rained-out the 4th of July celebration on-base, so they went looking for a local spot to perform at for the night. Since the 4th was on a Sunday this year, most of the Koza bars were closed. But luckily for us 7th Heaven was open. So we went there for the usual Peaceful Love Rock Festival 2004 after-concert party. To our surprise, there the band was! Kadena’s loss was our gain. They have a unique reggae-comedy style that is chocked full of humor about living on a small island, among many other topics. For us this was a great treat, because we had lived in Guam in the mid-seventies. Taki was so impressed with the music that he quickly scored one of their CDs, “A Day in The Life.” If you ever get chance check this band out! They were heading for Las Vegas the last we heard.

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