Time for Pasture?

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When is enough, enough! For the past ten years my husband and the various drummers of his band have basically been carrying the lead guitarist. He once was one of the true naturally-talented guitarists around. Unfortunately, he can’t control his personal habits, mainly drinking. Year after year, the affects of his indulgences have increasingly disminished his musical capabilities. Four years ago, he ended-up in the hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes. Even this didn’t convince him to change his course. About one year ago, he fell off the stage and went into 4 seperate seizures. Once again, he continued on his deadly course. This year he has been in and out of the hospital twice already. Last night was his first night back since the latest stint in the hospital. He has finally reached a point where he can varily play one complete song. Still my husband refuses to even consider replacing him as the main guitarist, after all “old musician’s don’t die, they just fade away.” I understand that, maybe just maybe–with sugar on top–the guitarist might be able to return to some level of competency, if he is willing to put in a lot of practice time. But, there must be a point in a musician’s life when they, or their fellow band members, realize that it is time for the failing band member to step down. A time when the sentimentality has to give way to common sense. A time when each individual starts to take responsiblity for their own choices–if not for theirselves, for the good of the band and it’s fans. Tommorrow is the annual Okinawan Peaceful Love Rock Festival finale. My husband’s band will be one of the closing acts. The concert is being recorded in order to be aired on television and over the internet at later dates. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that my husband’s decision doesn’t wind-up smacking him in the face! When is it time to put the horse out to pasture?

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