The Little Things

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One of the good things about living on an island in the middle of nowhere is it teaches you to appreciate the little things in life. Take Kraft’s macaroni and cheese, for example. Coming from the states where every convenience is available at one’s fingertips, now-a-days that’s literally one’s computer mouse, many of you think finding this particular item is a no brainer. But over here, even in the 21st century, unless you have on-base commissary privileges, there is only one place where it can be found, sporadically. Some of you may think, well just have a friend buy it on base for you. But, I come from a time when friends don’t use friends, especially if it means the possibility of getting that friend in trouble. (Having someone buy commissary products for me could risk that person’s privileges.) But I digress. And even in the 21st century, the island lacks most other basics that make-up part of daily living stateside–wide-open roads, ample parking, a good zoo, amusement parks, decent camping sites, the theater (stage), big-name rock concerts (or big-name anything for that matter). So when I was finally able to find Kraft’s macaroni and cheese, I learned to savor the experience.

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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