In the Beginning…

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Well, here it is Friday again. Who knew in 1973, when my father received orders for Kadena AB, that this would become my permanent home. After all the only reason I came here was because mom guilt-tripped me (mom’s are good at that) about giving one year of my life so Dad could see one of his children graduate high school. Little known to any of us, less than one year later (two weeks before graduation) I would meet the man I would marry walking down a street! Now 31 years later, we run a nightclub just a few blocks from that very street. Recently every Friday and Saturday night is spent dealing with an onslaught of inebriated fans who seemed to have forgotten the meaning of maturity and respect for other human beings. Of course, being away from stateside for so long, this is could just be indicative of the direction in which the American cultural norms have swung in general. After all, norms do tend to change over time.

"What Good Thing Happened to You Today?"
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