Today’s Current Weather Conditions #849

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***Does anyone really want to go through hard times because, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…”?

Answers from “Grasshopper”☯ #7

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As any sociologist will confirm, being the “odd ball” in any environment can prove to be a major challenge. Given that I am in a very exclusive minority in this environment, I have had my fair share of less than pleasant situations. Somehow, I have always been able to overcome (even while confronting a major illness that affects only 1% of the world’s population) those challenges without physical aggression, threating physical aggression, mobbing (the adult term of bullying someone), or impeding on other people’s property. That ability to meet challenges while following these basic guidelines has been a great inner strength for me.

Answers from “Grasshopper”☯ #6

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To me the glass is half full: if someone is constantly trying to jerk you around by using excuses instead of reasonable explanations, you can always fill the glass by finding a way to do it yourself. It’s less troublesome, more satisfying, and heck of a lot more fun and that way.

A Brief Reminder…

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Back in January I posted a notice that this site is part of “Just A Wife creations … projects consisting of material mainly created and accumulated by an unsigned independent artist (myself) who is not associated or affiliated with any official organization. These original creations chronicle the varying aspects of my life on the island.”

This still remains true, including any time spent at Bar JET. For some unexplicable reason, another NHK (from what I’m being told) film crew is coming to the bar again this weekend. This makes an untold number of times the company has deemed it necessary to obtain footage of the bar, both with and without previous agreement from the owner of the facility. How much footage does one company need of a fifty-seater facility, and why?

UPDATE: Seems the answer was that the crew wanted to bring in a group of about ten females to pose as customers in order to “produce” (instead of document the actual scene) a desired image for footage to be used in an unknown manner. That’s show biz…. as most people who frequent the facility already know, Bar JET customers consist of a mix of all persons who reside on island.

Today’s Current Weather Conditions #766

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***Are you pleased by the products produced by how you choose to spend one of your most valuable assets, time?

Flower Mosaic#7

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More local flowers in a mosaic…

Mosaic #7

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if “but they’re drunk” became an acceptable excuse for juvenile behavior (at any age) globally? My guess is … a very intoxicated world!!!

Half-Sun – Okinawa 2007

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The sun as it is slowly consumed by cloud cover on a January morning.

Half-Sun - Okinawa 2007

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One of the morning shows had a brief report on the strong likelihood of natural redheads of the world (the largest population resides in the U.S.) being extinct within 100 years. I wonder if that entitles us to an “endangered species” catagorization?

Sunny Start – Okinawa 2007

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An early morning view of a sunny start on a January island morning.

Sunny Start - Okinawa 2007

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Humor, it is a curious thing. Most people would agree that to have a “sense” of one is an important factor to survival in our modern, hectic, and stress-filled existence. What seems to differ is exactly what each individual finds humorous. As for me when it comes to “jokes”, if I can honestly say I would find the situation humorous if I were the person that the “joke” were being played on…that’s funny. Otherwise, in my eyes the so-called joke is probably mean-hearted and the intentions are just plain cruel. How about you? What do you call “funny”?

Questions from “Grasshopper”☯#31

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If a society expects a foreigner to follow a local tradition than wouldn’t it make sense for the members of that society to perform the cultural tradition, as well as know the meaning and symbolism of the tradition?

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