Unusual Food Art – Inedible

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I first saw this on Slashfood and thought it was so unusual that it needed sharing. Here are some very unique USB devices.

Happy Holidays ’05

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Well the holidays are upon us. I wish everyone a safe and joyous season.

The Politics of Arguments

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Brad and I were recently discussing the belief of judging an argument by its merits. As far as I know, this is a basic and well-known belief. In order to gain footing, some people use the belief as a means to manipulate social situations. It is not uncommon for these people to disguise negative behavior under the category of (among other things) fun, thereby presenting a positive or benign face. In doing so, a person who sees through the disguise is manipulated into either letting the negative behavior stand or confronting it and taking the risk of being seen as the aggressor in the situation. In this way, the perpetrators achieve the goal of presenting a negative public image of the target as either weak or aggressive, depending on the chosen reaction to the behavior. This is one of the reasons I’m not really into images or politics. I would rather discuss the issues not waste time with tactics that accomplish very little other than give the persons involved a game to play.

Long Living

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CNN was showing a report on centenarians today. There were a handful of 90+ persons who were highlighted on the show. (Some from Okinawa in fact.) I say good for the ones they did highlight. Those persons were active and vibrant. But I was interrupted during the show and didn’t have the opportunity to see how many of the centenarians whose lives are not in such a place. Also, I didn’t have the chance to hear how many were from rural or semi-rural areas as opposed to urban and sub-urban areas. I would think that living in an area that poses less stress in daily life would play a factor in the quality and duration of a life span.

Channeling Energy

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I’ve added a new category on some stories in the news that demonstrate the ingenuity of positive creativity. This first story shows some of the promising possibilities of the younger generation.

Blog and the Whole World Blogs with You

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This is a great story. I say good for these people, and keep on bloggin’!!!

More on the Wish List

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I first read about this wonderfully amusing item on BoingBoing (which I keep trying to call Boingo Boingo).

Tech Wish List?

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For those who are really into the top end of technology, you might want to consider putting this on a wish list for this year.


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I was reading the daily offerings of what is going on in our world when I ran across this article. With all the chaos of the “official” holidays coming, it might be something to keep in mind.

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